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About Our Staff

Hannah H.

Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, and Body Pump Class Instructor

Hannah H. has been a personal trainer since 2009. As a nationally qualified NPC figure competitor, she placed in the top five in all her competitions to date. She holds certifications in NFTP, strength training and as a nutrition specialist and enjoys helping clients learn to enjoy the fitness process and reaching their goals.

Hannah H.

Riley B.

Riley B.

Riley B. (E-RYT 200) was first introduced to yoga in 2011. Having been interested in the practice for fitness and flexibility after a long dance career, she soon realized the impact of yoga on her mind, body, and spirit. It has since been her goal to touch the lives of her students and surroundings with boundless love and compassion. She hopes to reach the hearts of her students and help them along their path while cultivating connection, meditation, and asana that promote healing.

Yoga has been a part of my life on and off for 20 years. After gaining 49 lbs with my first pregnancy I made a conscious decision to live a healthier life by staying active and eating healthier. Eventually, I went too far the other way and was exercising too rigorously while limiting my caloric intake too much. My muscles were sore all the time & my spine was constantly needing to be realigned by a chiropractor. The decision to cut back on extreme workouts & rely on yoga to restore, strengthen and add balance to my life has been transformative!

Due to hereditary conditions such as degenerative disc disease, hyper-mobility of joints, mild osteoarthritis, endplate sclerosis and osteophyte formation (bone spurs) at L4-L5 &L5-S1, I could opt for weekly visits to the chiropractor or even surgery. Instead, I turn to the amazing power of YOGA! It has given me a sense of power over my physical, and mental health wellbeing. It has also made me extremely passionate to share this amazing technology with everyone- no matter what physical limitations they may have. YOGA IS FOR EVERYONE!

Staff Member

Taraney Vigil

Taraney V.

My name is Taraney Vigil I am a 200 hr yoga instructor. I specialize in all levels yoga through Hatha, Kundalini and Vinyassa flows classes. I am a certified reiki master teacher and Sound healer, and I love to incorporate them into my class to fulfill a more impactful and memorable experience.

Kylie Sivley

Hatha teacher Kylie Sivley is a 23yr old Houston based Yogi and Artist! She acquired her 200hr yoga teacher training certificate at Sundance Yoga Studios in 2016 and is working on finishing her Bachelors of Art and Design at the University of Houston Clear Lake currently! She hopes to show her students the capability of their bodies through practice, progress, and self-love!

Kylie Sivley