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Mind & Body Yoga Classes

Yoga is so much more than a fitness routine. This ancient practice not only improves your physical health, but also leaves you feeling calm, balanced, and ready to take on whatever life throws at you. At K & K Yoga, we offer fun, inviting yoga classes for beginners and experts alike. 

K&K Yoga Health Fitness: Class Descriptions

Open Flow 

This Open Vinyasa Flow series focuses connecting breath with movement, on lines of energy and opening up the body!  Classes can be geared towards heart opening, hip opening, shoulder opener, or focus on low back pain relief. * beginner friendly ** modifications always available

Chair Yoga

This class is beginner and senior friendly! Using a chair as a prop to practice yoga will give the same and sometimes added benefits of a traditional yoga practice. Benefits include increased circulation, balance, strength, flexibility, range of motion, mobility, strength, and stress reduction. Chair Yoga has often been recommended by doctors for those with arthritis, osteoporosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, or post-op rehabilitation.  This exercise is gentle and you can work at your very own pace.  *Please make sure you have consulted with your physicians and have been medically cleared to practice!

Kids Yoga

Creativity and fun jam packed into 60 minutes of yoga poses, meditation techniques, art, singing, game playing, and making friends! Introducing yoga to our kids at a young age paves the road to flexibility and mindfulness as young adults. Every class will be different to keep our K & K Lil Yogis engaged and active. Spotlight Rotation features : K & K Lil Yogi of the Month and Artist of the Month. Ages 4-12.

*Parents are required to stay on premises.  **Please make sure you have consulted with your Pediatricians and have been medically cleared to practice!

Stress Be Gone Workshop

This Workshop teaches you how to use coping strategy such as  breath formula, different breathing techniques, yoga, meditation, and aromatherapy (essential oils) to combat and squash the stress right out of our lives. Life can be hectic and exhausting, but with the right life tools we can use what we know to reach a RELAXED and CALM state of being, no matter what life throws at us! *free workshop for members! **if you know someone who needs this class, bring them in for a free first time as a guest!

Nutty for Nutrition

This is an Nutrition educational series! We are nutty about nutrition and want you feeling your best!  Nutrition is about  fueling and nourishing your body properly so that you can be at optimal function. The series will include weight control, food and culture, ingredients, and learning how to meal prep. * classes available to members at no additional cost**Supplemental free classes for members are Whole & Clean Eats, Food Addicts Support Group *** Meal Planning privates available upon request, scheduled by Studio Director 

Restore & Heal  

  Bask in the luxurious comfort of a restorative class right before bedtime. This class promotes renewal, rejuvenation, rest and relaxation while healing the body of aches and pains by balancing the nervous and immune systems. Props used in this class are the ground, the wall, bolsters, blocks, blankets, and lavender essential oil(optional). We move at a very slow pace, holding easy resting poses for several minutes so that you can focus on deep breathing and melting into a pose, stimulating and soothing internal organs, and releasing any tension in the body.  *pajamas and socks are welcome **You know that ‘Ahhh’ sound you make when you finally sit down on a Friday after a hard week?   Restore and Heal can give you that feeling even if it’s Monday or Wednesday.


High-Intensity Interval Training! These are quick bursts of exercise with a small rest period between activities! This is a full body fitness workout that will tone and help to sculpt the body. This class facilitates weight loss, increases metabolic rate function, and will leave you feeling accomplished! Get ready for suicides, burpees, bear crawls, supermans, push ups, and more! Sneakers  and water required.   * Calorie burning class, typically burns 500-600 calories per class, but varies by individual

Rise & Shine

All levels welcome. This 60 minute gentle morning class will awaken all of the senses and set the tone for your day.  We begin with daily intent and mantra, and flow into our mindful awakening sequence.  If you are looking to increase flexibility, positivity, and energy for the day ahead, this is the class for you!

Cool Beginners

This class is for those who want to ease their way into learning breathwork, alignment, and foundation poses. This is beginner friendly; this class is held at a cooler temperature than our  regular beginner, warm, and hot series.   Temperature: 79-82  degrees F. * Suited for pre and post menopausal yogis or the heat intolerant. Pre-natal modifications provided, women in first trimester must consult with their physicians and are welcome to participate.

Beginners Warm

This class is for those who want to ease their way into our Hot Series!  This is very beginner friendly; it is our hot sequence held at cooler temperatures so that you can build up! Temperature: 90-94 degrees F. 

Sunset Meditation

All levels welcome.  This meditation is part I of our Journey to Peace Series. Guided sunset meditation is the journey of quieting the mind, practicing stillness in the body, and using breathing techniques to help turn our focus inwards sharpening the mind's eye. Meditation is a life changing skill used to improve sleep quality, clarity of mind, reducing anxiety and stress, helps to lift ones spirits, and welcomes joy, abundance, and gratitude.* Each class in the series will introduce you to Mantra Meditation, Third Eye Meditation, Chakra Meditation, Loving Kindness Meditation, Sound Meditations, and Pranayama centric Meditations.**Essential Oils and incense available to enhance practice and stimulate the olfactory system.

Warm Yoga By Candlelight

Beginner Friendly!  Nourish your soul with yoga by candlelight. This warm beginner/intermediate sequence will use dimmed lighting and soft music to give your body the ultimate yogi spa experience.  Focus on breath, alignment, and indulging in the warmth of light. Temperature: 90-94 degrees F.  This series provides yogis with the opportunity to shift our gaze inwards with privacy and stimulating different senses for balance.


This aerobic exercise combines Pilates, Yoga, and light weights. This will get your heart rate up and tone those muscles! The class begins and ends with some yoga sequencing; the focus of the class is on abdominal work and light weights. You will lose weight, build strength, get toned, and have a blast in PiYoAbs!*all levels welcome, modifications are available

Hot yoga

All levels welcome. This class uses the benefits of a heated room to detoxify the body and allow for a deepening of the poses in the sequence.  The focus of this class is on alignment and deep breathing to deepen your practice.  Come hydrated and prepared to sweat.  Temperature: 100-104 degrees F. You will need a bottle of water and a hand towel. *If you have any preexisting medical conditions please consult with your physician teams before practicing hot yoga **Not recommended for Expectant mothers*** please consult with your physician before practicing yoga in a heated room.

Mammas Who Modify (prenatal)

Are you a Mamma to be looking for a yoga class that will teach you modifications so that you can practice through your pregnancy (for as long as your OB GYN and primary care physician approves)? Share in a community of Moms that are experiencing the same life changes! Build strength, breath, and techniques to help on the new journey of motherhood!


Pump it Up uses weights, weights, weights to build lean muscle mass!  Get ready for squats, presses, lifts, lunges, and curls.  This is a high repetition class with low weights loads. Supportive Sneakers and water needed for class. *Weight loads are distributed at instructors discretion for safety *Calorie burning class

Better Together Recovery Support Group

Come and take a load off! Support group is for those individuals needing a judgment free zone to heal, make friends, share their stories, build a support system, and destress! You are not alone, lets pave your way to recovery and reach your personal goals and fulfillment. Life is always worth living, healing is life's journey and its better together!!

Foundations (our yoga 101)

This is an interactive foundations class series teaching you breathing techniques, Sun Salutation A, Sun Salutation B, the names of poses (asanas), vinyasaa, and how to transition or flow smoothly.  Here, teachers assists students in alignment, positioning, form, and breath formula. Here we have a playful approach to the building blocks of yoga so that you may bring what you have learned into our Beginner Series and eventually uplevel to Flow or Hot or wherever you desire your practice to be! * we provide free mats and props for this class

Morning Flow

Morning flow class is comprised of creative sequencing filled with breathwork.  Here, yogis transition from poses seamlessly with sun salutations interwoven between for continued momentum and energy throughout the class. If you are looking to connect breath with fluid movement, then this class is for you! Temperature: 84-86 degrees F.  Bring: Yoga mat, mat towel, and water.

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Our classes are open to anyone who's interested in yoga! All levels welcome!



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